Enjoy the wilderness of Tsavo West & East National park

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Enjoy the wilderness of Tsavo West & East National park

by Marin Ritmeijer

Tsavo is the true wilderness. Scrubby, rocky, dusty and bushy, rivers meeting volcano remnants, a landscape filled with hills, craters and caves. You can easily spend a week in Tsavo without getting bored of the place, lost, or found.

Tsavo West National Park

Tsavo West is a huge park, but the centre of attraction is roughly in the triangle of the Chyulu gate, Mtito Andei Gate and Tsavo Gate.

Lodges to stay are the Rhino Valley Lodge, a mid-range lodge with superb views, and the Kitani Bandas, which is a budget option offered by the next-door Severin Safari camp and nearby the Mzima Springs.

Gazetted in 1948, and Kenya’s largest, second oldest and (we think) wildest park. The vast expanse of land enables you to truly wander off into the wilderness by yourself, though a guide is highly recommended when you want to search for wildlife. 

The natural highlights of Tsavo West are all in reach when you drive a 4x4 vehicle and are all concentrated in the triangle of the Chyulu gate, Mtito Andei Gate and Tsavo Gate.  There are plenty of sights to see in Tsavo West. Besides, the lodges offer plenty of relaxing opportunities, so in the afternoon you can wind down with a cocktail in the shade near the pool.

The Rhino Valley is a great spot for wildlife watching, and also one of the most appealing. The Shetani Lava Flow exposes the landscape to a bleak lava stream, which dried up around 200 years ago. The Mzima springs is a freshwater pool with an underwater view point, where you, if you are lucky, can spot swimming hippos. It’s one of the only spots in Tsavo where you can walk around unguided.

Top highlights of Tsavo West

  • Rhino Valley game drive
  • Shatani Lava flow
  • Mzima springs
  • Climbing the roaring rocks

Tsavo East National Park

Like the West, Tsavo East is also a wilderness, full of scrubby bushes, dusty plains, rocky outcrops and lots of wildlife! It gives you an overwhelming sense of space. Luckily wildlife concentrates itself along the river banks of the Galana and Voi rivers, so those are the way to go. Sights along the Galana river include Lugard falls, and you will find lots of pools with hippos and crocs. You won’t miss the big herds of elephants heading to the river either. Another destination is the Mudanda Rock, which looks a bit like the famous Australian Uluru. On this one you can climb to an outlook overlooking a waterhole. Leopards are regularly spotted here!

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