Spec sheet of the Toyota Landcruiser Double Cab

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The Landcruiser Double Cab - the perfect car for a camping safari in Tanzania

by Laura van Dijk

The Toyota Landcruiser Double Cab with customised canopy is the perfect car to take on a camping safari in Tanzania. 

Take note that our vehicles are well maintained but NOT new, so the driving comfort and quality of the audio or A/C is not comparable to a new car you might drive at home or have rented in Southern Africa, where the roads tend to be in better condition and are very accommodating for self-drive, therefore putting much less wear and tear on the vehicles. The Landcruisers you see in Tanzania are made for the bush.

Read our specification sheet and know what to expect when renting a car from Roadtrip Africa.

Car specifications

  • Model: Toyota Landcruiser Double Cabbin.
  • Year of manufacture: 2003-2007
  • Capacity: two front seats, one back row suitable for two persons, or three if you don’t mind one person sitting in the middle.
  • Gearbox: manual
  • Engine: 4,2 diesel engine
  • Large 130L fuel tank
  • Fuel consumption: 7-8 km /L.
  • 4Wheel Drive: Differs per vehicle. How to engage the 4WD is explained in the practical information booklet in your vehicle. Having a Landcruiser with diff lock is rare. Note that we have disconnected the diff lock in all our Landcruisers. The standard 4x4 is strong enough.
  • Spare tyres: 2
  • Tyre pressure:depending on number of people and load, 3.0 PSI in the front and 3.5 PSI in the back. You don’t need to do anything further with this. The tyre pressure comes well adjusted.

What you need to know when hiring a car for safari in Tanzania

The interior and tools

  • Pop up roof: No. Roof hatch: yes, one in the front and one in the back row seat.
  • Can fit two rooftop tents. When one rooftop tent is mounted to the vehicle, the hatch for game viewing can still be used.
  • Inverter: yes
  • Radio with small speakers and USB and audio port. Bring your own audio cable to play music from your phone.
  • A/C: yes, in the front. It’s not full vehicle air conditioning, and the quality of the AC can’t be compared with a new vehicle you might drive back home on smooth, asphalt roads.
  • Booth: the Landcruiser Double Cab with customised canopy has the largest storage space of the entire fleet. The booth has built in drawers, a 60L water tank, and designated space for the electrical fridge and gas cooker. The booth can fit camp gear and private luggage for up to 5 people.
  • Tools: wheel spanner, towing rope, jumper cables, high-lift jack, shuffle, fire extinguisher, reflector triangles, first aid kit, Bradt Travel Guide, Roadtrip Tanzania practical information booklet. 

Spec Sheet of the Landcruiser Double Cab for your camping safari in Tanzania

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