Visit the unique Laikipia Plateau / Ol Pejeta conservancy

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Visit the unique Laikipia Plateau / Ol Pejeta conservancy

by Marin Ritmeijer

Laikipia Plateau is a high-altitude Savannah area, which is unique in its character. Not one wildlife service, but dozens of smaller ranches and private conservancies are working together to consolidate Kenya's wildlife future.

It’s really nice that everything is so centralized in Kenya, so from Nairobi you reach Laikipia plateau in 5 hours. You can drive around freely on the government roads, however, most ranches and private conservancies only allow entry to visitors of the accompanying lodge. And lodges in this area are ranked along the most luxurious and expensive in the world, where they charge $2000 USD for a night without blinking an eye.

For regular mortals like you and me, luckily, there are also enough accommodation options to make your stay affordable. We have been told by one of our previous Roadtrippers that if you need an amazing and affordable place for camping, Sandai Farm is the perfect base. They state it is like a home far away from home.

Ol Peyeta Conservancy

Ol Pejeta is a private conservancy (but open for the general public) along the A2 highway, right next to Nanjuki town. It used to be a cattle ranch, and it’s now one of the few conservancies that is open to day visitors. It also holds a few mid-range lodges and even a campsite. The campsites are in the middle of the wilderness; no ranger, no facilities, just you, your tent, a bonfire to sit by and listen cozily to the sounds of the baboons, hyenas, lions and elephants. True survivor style!

Besides accommodation & affordability, Ol Pejeta has a wonderful stretch of land, with Mount Kenya in the backdrop and examples of great conservation work. It includes a chimpanzee sanctuary and a rhino sanctuary which has the last 2 Northern White Rhinos. The information centre is a great source of info and tells the story of the terrifying poaching practices and what efforts are undertaken to stop it. It's incredible to learn that over a hundred years ago there were less than 100 white rhinos left, but due to conservation work, (and horny rhinos I suppose), there are over 20,000 today! Well done to the good guys here at Ol Peyeta, and you can be sure your entrance fees ($90 non-resident / 24 hours) are well spent!

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