Before you travel

Tips & Kenya travel advice

It’s not hard to choose Kenya as the ultimate destination to spend your holiday.

It is also a country that is best enjoyed when you are well prepared in advance.

Please make sure you browse through this section. It will cover 99% of your questions. Still questions about your roadtrip? Drop us a line, we are happy to help. 

Is Kenya a safe self drive destination? 

We have travelled the country up and down and know all corners of Kenya. We find Kenya a safe country for a self-drive holiday. We wouldn’t offer our services if it wasn't. The road conditions can be quite challenging with many rutted roads and a lot of dirt roads inside the national parks. Do keep in mind that roadtripping in Kenya requires self reliance. We are available 24/7 for roadside assistance. Read more about travel safety in Kenya and Nairobi and the Kenyan road conditions.

Second hand vehicles:

Kindly note that we hire out well maintained second hand vehicles. However, sometimes issues may occur and this is something you should take into consideration in general with hiring vehicles in countries where the roads are rough like in Kenya. We suggest to leave enough time in your itinerary for the unexpected.

Restricted areas:

There are some areas which are restricted areas for self drive, because of the poor road conditions and remoteness, making it difficult to offer assistance when needed.This is roughly Northern Kenya; everything north of Mount Elgon, Lake Baringo, Samburu National Park and Malindi. Read more here.  


Moreover, we trust you to travel sensibly. That means the following precautions: 

  • always travel with cash, a charged phone with airtime, enough water and some food.
  • when you fuel up your car, know where the next gas station is.  
  • always park your car at a private and secured parking lot.
  • do not go wild camping 
  • do not travel after dark (>6PM) and why would you anyway? Fellow road users often have no lights or put on their high beam lights so you can't see a thing. 
  • the biggest mistake travelers make is wanting to cover too much ground in one trip. Travel is a great deal slower than you are probably used to, and being on the road is much more tiresome. Use one of our suggested routes as a starting point to asses if your plans are realistic.

Enjoy it at the Kenyan pace. Hakuna Matata.