Travel Kenya responsibly

Some advice to consider

Do not hand out money, clothes, ball points, sweets at random to children. How touching it might be, it encourages begging and instigates a distorted view of tourism. Instead show genuine interest and play and talk with these kids.

If you really want to bring goods, a lodge owner or connection to a local organization is a good source of advice. You can also check Pack for a Purpose. It would be good to find out what goods can be bought locally. Basic school supplies and basic (first aid) medical supplies are easily found in the shopping malls in Nairobi, in this way you stimulate the local economy.

We discourage to leave stuff behind in your room. Better to give it to the lodge owner, than leave it for the maid to find, which might cause friction among the staff. 

Most lodges have a tipping box and distribute the tips equally among all the staff. If you enjoyed the service, just be generous and contribute to the tipping box. As for your driver or guide, tipping is highly appreciated. 

Giving back more

You will not be the first roadtripper moved by the fact that Kenya and its people have given such a warm welcome, and you want to show your appreciation. Below are a few initiatives which you can sponsor. These are local, sustainable initiatives that are well managed, of which we know your money will be well spent. 

Big Life Organization
They have a cross-border anti-poaching initiatives and also protection of wild animals when they move outside of the National parks.

A Dutch-Kenyan tourism initiative. Income from the accommodations and tours are used to develop an agricultural trainings institute and a model farm to teach the community about sustainable agriculture.