Money & Travel budget

How much should I budget for my safari in Kenya?


Kenya is a cash economy. Most restaurants, lodges or campsites do not accept cards, exceptions being the upmarket lodges and restaurants in Nairobi. ATMs are widely available across the country. KCB, Barclays and Citibank are among the more reliable banks accepting MasterCard, Maestro and Visa. We recommend that you bring additional Euros or US Dollars with you in cash, for unforeseen things. US Dollars and Euros can easily be changed to Kenyan Shillings at any Forex Bureau in most provincial towns. Also, bring additional cards, as the daily uptake with a foreign card is limited at the ATMs. 

Travel budget 

  • Petrol typically costs between $1.10 – $1.30 per litre
  • National park entrance fees range between $25 - $95 per person, per day.
  • The average price of a three course meal at a restaurant or lodge is about $15-20 pp.
  • Budget accommodation ranges between $50 - $100 per night for a double, mid-range accommodation ranges from $100 - $200 per night, and up market lodges go easily beyond $200 up to a small fortune. There are hardly any budget places inside National Parks except camp sites. For our recommendations, you cam check our suggested accommodations.

Kenya is not a low budget destination. But it possible to enjoy Kenya with a smaller pocket.

  • Go camping outside the national parks.
  • DIY cooking. Take our camp gear and cook delicious meals yourself! Also great to share with Kenyans and to make new friends.
  • Work on your negotiation skills - Kenyans often double the price because you're foreign.
  • Travel in the low-season (March - May) lodges are closed or empty and rooms can go for a fraction of the advertised rate.
  • Go off the beaten track and visit less touristy parks such as Ruma NP, Kakamega, Lumo Wildlife sanctuary etc. to avoid the steep entrance fees.