Restricted areas

Restricted areas

There are a few areas which are restricted for our rental vehicles (self-drive and/or driver operated), because the road conditions are poor and require technical driving skills, or the area is too remote so we cannot organise adequate back up support.

Northern Kenya is off-limit and not allowed with our rental cars. This is roughly everything north of the line Mount Elgon – Lake Baringo – Samburu National Park - down to Malindi. This is the area above the red line in the Map. This restriction is for self drivers as well as vehicles operator by drivers.

For the Maasai Mara, a Toyota Landcruiser is required. We strongly recommend to take go with our  driver-guides if you want to explore the Maasai Mara. Most of the accidents and break downs happen at the road to Masaai Mara, due to people not respecting the maximum speed limit. We cannot stress enough to drive slowly (25km/h) and carefully on this road! Single vehicle roll-overs are NOT covered by the insurance. 

Kindly note that these restricted areas are listed in our rental terms & conditions. Our vehicles have car trackers to monitor if a hirer breaches the contract and therefore would be fully liable for any costs and loss of security bond.

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