Car rental with accommodation

Car rental with accommodation

To help us design the best personal itinerary for you, we would like you to share some details regarding the trip you have in mind. Please fill out the form below and we will be happy to design your travel itinerary accordingly.

What are your travel dates?

How many days would you like to travel?

Which route you like to base your itinerary on?

You can find more details on the routes we offer on our Suggested Routes page.

Please note that the travel period of the routes we offer are flexible. It’s not required to match the exact amount of days we suggest for each route. Depending of the amount of days you’d like to travel we’ll try to design an itinerary which meets your travel period.

Number of people travelling?

Which car would you like to go with?

You can find more information on the car types we have on our fleet page.

Car rental includes comprehensive insurance, unlimited kilometers and 24/7 road assistance. All our vehicles are equipped with spare tire, car jack and jumping cables, radio with port for your USB or audio mini jack, 4x4 explanation booklet, road map and latest travel guide.

Would you like to travel with a driver – guide?

All proceeds go to the driver/guide. This is an all-inclusive price and caters for all expenditures incurred by the driver-guide, like meals and accommodation. The cost for a driver/guide is $40 a day.

Which accommodation type do you prefer?

Single room / Double room / Twin room / Triple room / or other.

Kindly mention any details, questions or requests that have not been addressed in this booking form yet.