COVID-19 Updates

Oh beautiful Madagascar, we miss you!!!

Since the global pandemic outbreak last year, Madagascar closed its borders and flights to Madagascar have been suspended. Being an island, Madagascar managed to kept the virus at a distance, and infection rates are far lower than in the rest of the world. We now hope that the vaccination pace picks up, so that its people get protected and the borders open again. So many people depend for their livelihoods on the tourism sector. It is expected that by September 2021, the the international airport shall open again, allowing incoming and outgoing flights, so we can finally visit Madagascar again. A presidential speech about the COVID and lifted travel restrictions is planned on 26th of June. More news by than. Fingers crossed. 

Roadtrip Africa flexible booking and payment terms

We accept cash payment on arrival and online payments by credit card or bank transfer can be done up to one day before your departure date. No down payments required. Hence, there are no payment risks involved in case COVID or flights messes up your plans.