Terms & conditions car hire with driver

Roadtrip Madagascar T&C - car hire with driver

Roadtrip Africa is a Company registered in the Netherlands -73174564. Confirming a rental or booking with Roadtrip Africa in Madagascar confirms that you have read, fully understand and accept the terms and conditions described below. 

1. “RTM” or the “Owner” means Roadtrip Madagascar Sarl, incorporated in Ivato, Madagascar
“You” or the “Hirer” means the person(s) who have signed the Rental Agreement;
The “Rental Agreement” means the rental agreement made between You and the Owner;
The ‘’Driver ’’ means the person driving the car, appointed by RTM.
“RTM Insurance” means the insurance policy of RTM;
“Vehicle” means the vehicle which is rented by you, as described in your online reservation form.
2. The Hirer shall return the Vehicle on the agreed date, as specified in your online reservation form, before 7:00 PM, unless the Owner has specifically agreed otherwise. No refunds shall be given for early returns.
3. The Vehicle shall be operated by the RTM driver only. Other terms and conditions apply in case of self-drive rentals.
4. Any losses or serious damages of the camping gear shall be charged to the Hirer at replacement value.
5. The Vehicle is rented with a full tank of fuel and shall be returned to the Owner with a full tank in order to prevent refueling charges.
6. The Hirer is required to fill up on fuel only at larger gas stations, such as Jovenna, Shell and Total. In some of the smaller gas stations, fuel can be mixed with other liquids or additives, which may seriously damage the Vehicle’s engine.
7. RTM strongly recommends NOT driving after dawn (approx. 19:00 PM).
8. In case of a mechanical breakdown of the Vehicle which cannot be repaired within 24 hours, a replacement Vehicle will be provided and paid for by the Owner on the shortest term possible. Kindly note replacement vehicles have to come from Ivato.
9. The RTM Insurance follows and incorporates the terms and conditions of Aro Insurance. Personal injury and/or belongings of the Hirer are not covered and fall under your medical and travel insurance.

Payment details and cancelation policy

10. When you have accepted the contract, we send you an invoice which should be paid latest two weeks before the departure date. The invoice can be paid cash on arrival or online by Credit Card, Bank transfer or Ideal (Dutch customer only). Bank transfers involving foreign currency exchange, work out cheaper when using Wise of Revolut instead of your bank. 

There are no refunds in case of a last-minute cancelation or rescheduling, which is 14 days before your departure date or less. Take out travel insurance or cancelation insurance, if you want to be covered.