Visa and insurance

Visa and insurance information for your Tanzania trip

Do I need a visa to enter Tanzania? 

Yes, you need a visa to enter Tanzania. You can buy this upon arrival at the airport or when entering the country by land. The cost is US $ 50, cash only ($ 100 for USA citizens).

You can also apply for your visa online in advance at


Effective 1st June 2019: plastic bags are banned in Tanzania. The notice by the Tanzanian Government is really strict and warns that people can get fines and/ or experience delay at the airport, if they arrive with plastic bags, in any shape or form, in their suitcases. We have to see how this works out in practice, but nevertheless, it is advisable not to arrive with any plastics in your suitcases. 

Can I cross the border with my Roadtrip rental car?

Yes, it is possible to cross the border with a Roadtrip Tanzania rental car to Kenya, Uganda and Rwanda. You are not allowed to cross to Burundi, Mozambique, Ethiopia, South Sudan or DRC. If you want to do a multiple country roadtrip, you do need to let us know in advance as we have to arrange a COMESA card, an extension of the car insurance for your vehicle. The insurance costs € 70 and is valid for one month. Without our consent you are not allowed to cross the border and you are not insured for any damage. Please contact us for more information.

How about insurance? 

Our cars are comprehensively insured against damage as a result of accident or fire, and third party liability to property and bodily injury due to a car accident. Personal injury and possessions are not covered and fall under your medical and travel insurance. 

There's a maximum own risk of € 350, not covered by the insurance. Tires, underbody coverage and windows are not covered by the insurance. The hirer is fully liable for any damage to the Roadtrip Tanzania rental car and / or third party property, if:

  • Driving in excess of speed limits;
  • single vehicle incidents or rollover (these are always considered a result of reckless driving);
  • damage to the vehicle is caused by lack of proper care / maintenance of the vehicle;
  • driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol;
  • driving on restricted roads / areas. 

Our teams & conditions are included in the car rental agreement. You can also consult them here.