COVID-19 Updates

Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya are ''open’’ again and anxiously waiting to welcome you with a big smile and an elbow bump! 

Flights to Madagascar are still suspended. 
We encourage you to book and explore this magnificent continent now more than ever. The people need it, wildlife protection is under pressure due to lack of income from tourism, and having such iconic parks as the Serengeti, Ngorongoro Crater and Masai Mara to yourself is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Good to know that lodges offer great discount prices and you will have the parks to yourself. Moreover, it will be very easy to apply social distancing over-here, when going on a self-drive safari and camping in the bush. Do we need to say more?

Read below about the latest COVID updates and practicalities for your travels in Tanzania, and our no risk payment terms. For updates about our other destinations, go to the country pages. 

East Africa

Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania have the Safe Travel Stamp, a certificate from the World Travel and Tourism Council acknowledging that it's safe and possible to travel to these countries again. East Africa managed to curb the spread of the corona virus and number of cases and deaths are far lower than those in Europe, Asia or the Americas, as shown in the WHO map below. The number of COVID-19 cases keep dropping on the African on the continent, mainly driven by South Africa, which accounts for nearly half of Africa's cases. 

Early and strict interventions played a crucial role in curbing the virus' spread. Also, East Africa has a young population with low obesity and diabetes rates, and the low population density works favourable against the spread of the virus.

The Coronavirus in Africa Tracker from the BBC also gives an updated overview of all confirmed, active, recovered and death cases of the entire continent and on country level. Access it here.


Since the 15th of June, Tanzania has opened its airspace again and travellers from oversees don’t have to go in quarantine, nor have to show a PCR test. Lodges, campsites, national parks and restaurants are open and Roadtrip Tanzania is fully operational, and basically back to normal. 


  • When you arrive by plain, you don’t need to show a negative COVID test, but your temperature will be measured.
  • If you enter Tanzania overland, crossing the border from Kenya, you do need to show a negative PCR test.
  • You are advised to wear a face mask in public places ( supermarkets, government buildings), but it is not mandatory.

In case you need to get a PCR test done in Tanzania, this can be done at Hai District Hospital, near JRO airport, and Celian Hospital ( monday - friday) and Mount Meru Hospital ( 7 days a week) in Arusha. No need to make an appointment. In Dar es Salaam, you can go to Amana Hospital. The results should be known after 2 days. 

Roadtrip Africa flexible booking and payment terms

To minimise your risk, we have very flexible payment terms. We accept cash payment on arrival and online payments by credit card or bank transfer are only due before departure date. In the rare situation that you paid, and all of a sudden you are not able to enter your roadtrip destination due to changed COVID regulations, you can reschedule your trip up to one year after your original travel date.