COVID-19 Updates

Why you should visit Uganda now! 

We encourage you to book and explore this magnificent country now more than ever. The people need it, wildlife protection can become under pressure due to lack of income from tourism, and having such iconic parks as Queen Elizabeth to yourself is a once in a lifetime opportunity. Good to know that lodges offer great discount prices and you will have the parks to yourself. Moreover, it will be very easy to apply social distancing over here, when going on a self-drive safari and camping in the bush. Do we need to say more? Read below about the latest COVID updates and practicalities and our no risk payment terms.

Uganda entry requirements and corona travel regulations

Since the 10th of June 2021, Uganda went into a light lock down which shall last for 42 days. As the vaccination pace falls a bit behind with the rest of most Western countries, but infection rates have still remained very low compared to the rest of Europe, the Ugandan Authorities have taken extra prevention measures targeting Ugandan nationals. 
However, it has been made clear by the Ugandan president and the Authorities that the tourism sector shall by all means remain exempted from any restrictions, and tourists can freely travel across the country and visit national parks, lodges and restaurants as planned. Our Roadtrip Uganda rental cars are authorised tourists vehicles, visible with a licensed sticker, and are hence allowed to freely move across the country. All safari parks, camp sites, hotels and restaurants, remain open as normal. 

  • When you arrive by air or overland, you either need to show a Vaccination Certificate or a negative COVID PCR test result, based on a sample collected within 72 hours ( 3 days) before arrival to Uganda 
  • Travellers from the following countries are required to do a mandatory PCR test upon arrival at a standardised fee of $ 65. These countries are USA, UK, UAE, Turkey, India, Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia, South Sudan and South Africa. Mandatory PCR testing does not apply for travellers who were only in transit in one of the airport of the just mentioned countries. The results come out in 75 minutes. 
  • When entering a public space like a supermarket or government building, wearing a face mask is required and you have to sanitise your hands and your temperature will be scanned.
  • When going to a restaurant or sitting at a terrace, you don't need to wear a face mask. Good to know, most restaurants and terraces are partly or fully all fresco, with plenty of air flow.

Where can I get a PCR test done in Uganda?

Getting a PCR test and/ or rapid antigen test done in Uganda is easy. There are reputable laboratories who offer walk in, drive through or even at home testing service. We recommend TestXpress and Test and Fly.  Labs are open 24/7, appointments can easily be made online, and same day results are possible. 

Roadtrip Africa flexible booking and no risk payment terms

Payments can only be made online by credit card or bank transfer, and should be done latest one day before the start of your trip. No down payments are required. Hence, there are no payment risks involved.