The Baobab route

The west is the best region to see Madagascar's most striking landscape - the Tsingy limestone pinnacles. Clamber the well constructed steps, ladders, cables and bridges in the UNESCO protected Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, marvel at giant baobab trees and finish off with some beach days along the beautiful west coast.

Drop off your rental car at Morondava and fly back to Tana, or drive the same route back via Miandrivazo and the charming colonial town of Antsirabe (2 full days of driving). Got more time? Do the Grand Circuit. Continue south along the west coast of Madagascar to Tulear and make your way up again via the RN7 to the capital, Anatananarivo.   

Scroll down to see the day-to- day route itinerary for this trip with tips on where to stay. These are the lodges we like to stay in when we are roadtripping in Madagascar ourselves; small-scale, good price-quality ratio and owner-managed when possible.

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Day 1 of 9

Start: Antananarivo
Drive: 190 km | 5 hours

On the road to Andasibe, a nice colonial town. Expect a windy asphalt road passing through rice paddies and small highland villages. You can have a good lunch stop at Coin de Foie Grass in Behenjy, or try an authentic paella (we're not kidding) at El Torro in Ambatolampy. 

Take a pousse pousse (the Malagasy version of the Asian rickshaw) tour to the craft workshops which are otherwise hard to find on your own. 

Roadtrip Madagascar's favourite places in Antsirabe: 

Budget: Camping allowed at Green Park and Madalief (out of town) 

Mid-range: Trianon (€26/night), Madalief (€26/night)

Deluxe: Couleur Café (€37/night)

Restaurants: Chez Jenny (pizza, lively), Trianon (classic French), Vatolahy (classic French) 

Day 2 of 9

Start: Antsirabe
Drive: 220 km | 4 hours 

Leave the RN7 behind and switch to the RN34. Also an asphalt road, but with more potholes. You will probably have the road to yourself. Miandrivazo is a small, sleepy inland town, where it can get very hot.

Accommodation in Miandrivazo 

Mid-range: Princess Tsiribihina, which has a swimming pool (€ 30/night)

Day 3 of 9

Start: Miandrivazo
Kirindy Reserve
Drive: 6 hours 

Drive to Kirindy Reserve via Morondava and the Avenue de Baobabs. It's around 4.5 hours on the RN24, an asphalt road in reasonable state, to the seaside resort of Morondava. There are many nice places to eat - recommended places to have lunch are Cafe Baobab and La Capannina.

Continue for 2 hours / 65 km on a rough dirt track to Kirindy. En route, you will pass the Avenue de Baobabs and the Baobabs Amoureux. 

Places to stay in Kirindy: 

Budget: Bungalows in the Reserve - cold water and pretty basic, but the only option if you want to do a night walk in the park (recommended). 

Mid-range: Camp Amoureux, 20 minutes south of Kirindy. 13 tents in the forest with en suite bathrooms. Guided night walks are organised. 


Day 4 of 9

Enjoy: Kirindy Reserve

Kirindy Reserve (not to be mistaken for Kirindy-Mitea National Park, close to Belo sur Mer) is a pretty special reserve. It's the only place in Madagascar where you can see giant jumping rats dig their burrows in the soft, red soil. The jumping rat is Madagascar's largest rodent, and looks like a strange kangaroo-rabbit crossbreed with a rat's tail. Another local inhabitant is the mouse lemur, the world's smallest primate. Another special treat in Kirindy is the fossa (see picture), Madagascar's largest carnivore. You will be unlucky not to spot them around the campsite, searching for leftovers. Day visitors will see far less than those able to observe wildlife at dawn or dusk. A night time stroll is highly recommended. Local tourist guides are constantly updated by the international research center.



Day 5 of 9

Start: Kirindy Reserve
 Tsingy de Bemaraha
Drive: 6-8 hours 

On the road to Bemaraha. It's 2 hours to the ferry point and 45 min by ferry to the village of Belo-sur-Tsiribihina. Make sure to have lunch at Mad Zebu - some travellers say this is the best meal in the country. The Malagasy chef used to work at a 3-star Michelin restaurant in France and now runs a restaurant in the middle of nowhere - pretty surreal!

Total travel time from Kirindy to Bemaraha is around 6-8 hours on a rough dirt road. 

Acccommodation in Tsingy de Bemaraha: 

Budget: camping near the park office and the Grand Tsingy trail - head 17 km(1 hour) further ahead

Mid-range: Olympe de Bemaraha

Deluxe: Soleil des Tsingy Lodge






Day 6 of 9

Enjoy: Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park

There is nothing else on earth like the limestone pinnacles of the Tsingy, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Given the time and effort needed to get to Bemaraha, we recommend that you spend two full days at the minimum to enjoy the various circuits that have been put in place with phenomenal expertise, consisting of Via Ferratas (fixed cable routes), rope bridges and ladders.  



Day 7 of 9

Enjoy: Bemaraha

There are more than a dozen circuits, ranging from an hour to a full day hike. For the most dramatic views, you need to do the difficult Ankeligoa circuit in the Petit Tsingy and the Andamozavaky in the Grand Tsingy. For both, you need to be fairly fit and have no fear of heights. A pirogue trip up the Manambolo River provides a nice relief form the heat in the Tsingy. 



Day 8 of 9

Start: Tsingy de Bemaraha
Drive: 8-10 hours 

Return to Morondava; a full day of off-road driving (8-10 hours). Morondava is a lively seaside resort with plenty of small restaurants and bars.  

Accommodation in Morondava:

Budget: Trecigogne (€22/night)

Mid-range: Chez Maggy, which has a swimming pool  (€38/night)

Deluxe: Pallisandre, which also has a swimming pool  (€135/night)

Our favourite restaurants: La Capannina and Baobab Café

Day 9 of 9

Recharge at Morondava before making your way back to Antananarivo by car (2 full days of driving via Miandrivazo and Antsirabe). 

Alternatively, head down south to Belo sur Mer (4 hours off-road driving on sandy tracks) to enjoy the most beautiful stretch of beach along the west coast of Madagascar, before dropping off your vehicle at Morondava and catching a flight back to Tana. 


What to expect on this roadtrip to West Madagascar

When to go & what to see

This trip is only possible to book from May to the beginning of November.  

Your first stop is the charming colonial town of Antsirabe, the perfect place to explore by pousse pousse (Malagasy version of the rickshaw). Next stop is the sleepy village of Miandrivazo, where you can do a piroque (small boat) trip on the Tsiribihina river. Say goodbye to the asphalt. Continue to Kirindy Reserve, where you'll see many giant baobabs en route. Kirindy is a good reserve for a night walking safari and home to a number of species which can only be found there, such as the fossa and giant jumping rat. Drive to Bekopaka and enjoy its many well constructed circuits in the Tsingy de Bemahara National Park. Return to Morondava and end with a few days relaxing at the beach in Belo sur Mer. 

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Travel time and road conditions

This route is possible from May till beginning of November. 

The Nissan Double Cab is required for the Baobab route. The road from Tana to Miandrivazo is asphalted and in reasonable condition. The road from Morondava to Kirindy and Bekopaka is off-road driving. 

When flying back from Morondava, a minimum of 8 car rental days are needed to cover this route. If you drive back, please note there are NO possible shortcuts: the way back to Tana is the same route as going there, which is with an overnight stay in Miandrivazo and Antsirabe. 

If you want to fly back, Roadtrip Madagascar can arrange to pick up your rental car in Morondava. The costs are forwarded to the hirer: € 242 (3 days driver fee, bus ticket, fuel) + 2 additional car rental days. 

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Rest of year | May, June, October, November 

Price per vehicle, in Euros. 

Price includes 8 car rental, car delivery to the airport or your hotel in Ivato, one-way drop off fee (Morondava).

Want to do the Baobab route with the company of a driver-guide? Add €240 to your total trip amount. 

  Nissan Double Cab 
Per car  € 1227

Peak season | July - September  

Price per vehicle, in Euros. 

Price includes 8 car rental, car delivery to the airport or your hotel in Ivato,one-way drop off fee (Morondava).  

Want to do the Baobab route with the company of a driver-guide? Add €240 to your total trip amount.

  Nissan Double Cab 
Per car  € 1327

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