Accommodation tips

Best safari camps & lodges in Tanzania

For all roadtrippers, we've carefully compiled an overview of our favorite places to stay in Tanzania and Zanzibar, catering to all budgets. This guide, covering 24 towns and National Parks and 100+ places to stay, is the result of over 10 years of travel experience in Tanzania. Once a booking is confirmed, you'll get access to that guide. We are happy to share our tips exclusively with you, so that combined with our suggested routes, you are able to explore Tanzania independently. 

Prices for safari camps and lodges in Tanzania 

Accommodation rates for lodges and safari camps in the Northern Safari Circuit are quite steep but standards are high. Expect to pay the following: 

  • up to US $ 150 for a budget double room
  • up to US $ 350 for a mid-range room 
  • beyond US $ 400 for deluxe accommodation

Traveling Tanzania on a budget 

Not want to break the bank? When you are not staying inside one of the National Parks in the Northern Safari Circuit, you'll find plenty of decent hotels at a much lower price range. Arusha, Moshi, the Usambara Mountains, the Udzungwa Mountains, and the coastline between Tanga and Dar es Salaam are great destinations for the budget-conscious traveler.  

When looking for a campsite or budget guesthouse, we highly recommend using the free app iOverlander. Basically, every campsite is plotted and reviewed. You find many nice campsites all across Tanzania. From basic bush campsites inside the parks to private campsites operated by lodge owners - the latter enabling you to stay at a secured site with good amenities whilst sleeping for a dime.

Public campsites in the national parks do not require any advance arrangements - most of them can't even be booked in advance. Read more about preparing for your camping safari in Tanzania, at the camping section.