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Planning your Uganda roadtrip? Ever since 2011, we have provided cars, camp gear and routes with accommodation for independent travellers. Your self-drive adventure in Uganda begins with us!

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Self-Drive Tours

Accommodation + Car Rental + Route + Permits

At Roadtrip Africa, we know how to build a well-paced and varied itinerary for your once-in-a-lifetime trip to Uganda.

Let us help you design a carefully planned itinerary that includes your car, accommodation, and chimp and gorilla permits (if desired). You have the option to drive yourself or choose a guided experience with one of our local driver-guides.

After a full day of road-tripping, our self-drive tours offer accommodation in beautiful hand-picked lodges. We make sure to look for outstanding places and favour eco-conscious boutique hotels with the best possible price-quality ratio. 

Our Roadtrip Africa Team is there for you all the way, from hotel reservations to car rental and roadside assistance. Benefit from direct bookings – no intermediaries, no false promises, just easy communication and the very best rates. Are you ready to explore the beauty of Uganda?

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Car rental

Self-Drive or Driver-Guide + Camp Gear (optional) 

Roadtrip Africa is the first company in Uganda to specialize in car rentals for self-drive holidays. We own all our rental cars and never subcontract from third parties. Our fleet consists of Toyota Hilux Double Cab, Toyota Land Cruiser and Toyota RAV4 vehicles. All reliable and widely used 4WD vehicles and perfectly suitable for your adventurous Uganda roadtrip.

You are welcome to drive your vehicle yourself or hire a car with a local driver-guide. The driver-guide is there to facilitate and ease your travels, yet you remain in charge of your own holiday and itinerary. The costs for a driver are € 40 /day.

For those excited to sleep under the stars, our Hilux Double Cab and Land Cruisers can be equipped with a rooftop tent. Or you opt for a ground tent, which is also possible when renting the Toyota RAV4. Both options come with a full set of quality camping gear, making your journey through Uganda an unforgettable experience.

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Suggested roadtrip itineraries in Uganda

Are you getting excited about planning your Uganda roadtrip? Take a look at our suggested routes to get a better understanding of distances and driving times, and build your trip from there. For a stress-free experience, you can let the team at Roadtrip Africa design your Uganda itinerary completely, while also taking care of the reservation and payment of all hotels. Feeling more adventurous? Then just hire a 4x4 car and use our routes for guidance and inspiration. As Uganda travel company specialists, we know all the hidden corners of Uganda and are happy to point you in the right direction as you plan your self-drive safari.

Uganda 15 days 1675 km

Uganda's Finest

This circuit is an all-time favourite and still among our most popular itineraries, including gorilla - and chimp trekking. See the mighty river Nile explode in Murchison Falls, and enjoy plenty of wildlife spotting on your self-drive safaris in Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth and Murchison Falls. Gorilla and chimp trekking permits included.

Uganda 24 days 2373 km

The Grand Circuit

This self-drive itinerary embodies exactly why Uganda is nicknamed the Pearl of Africa! The southwest is known for its green rolling hills, lakes, chimps and rare mountain gorillas. Plenty of game drives can be done in Lake Mburo, Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls and - the grand dame of all game parks - remote Kidepo National Park. Visit a traditional Karamojong manyatta in the wild northeast, go wild water rafting on the Nile and relax at lovely riverside lodges in Jinja.

Uganda 14 days 1500 km

Wild North East

This self-drive itinerary is great for those looking for an off-the-beaten-track adventure with their rental car in Uganda. Watch the river Nile explode in Murchison Falls National Park, experience the thrill of pure isolation in Kidepo Valley National Park, discover traditional tribal culture in Karamoja, cool off in the highlands of Mount Elgon and finish off with a blast in Jinja while wild water rafting on the Nile.

Uganda 16 days 1565 km

Uganda & Rwanda

Discover both Uganda and Rwanda on this 16-day East African road trip. If you're interested in nature and culture alike, this itinerary is the one for you. Trek gorillas and chimps in Bwindi Impenetrable Forest National Park and Kibale rainforest, and go on a self-drive safari in Lake Mburo and Queen Elizabeth National Park. Discover why Rwanda is the land of a thousand hills and let yourself be moved by its captivating history. Chimp and gorilla trekking permits included.

Experiences from fellow Roadtrippers

20 days self drive through Uganda

Julmer (Germany) - Two friends on a selfdrive trip

We can higly recommend Roadtrip Africa. The website is highly informative, their service helpful, reliable and fast. We were on a self drive trip for 20 days and had booked the budget car option Toyota RAV4 - for 2 people enough and even on diffic...
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A self-drive safari is the best experience ever!

Jasper (Netherlands) - Couple on a self drive trip

Best experience ever! Uganda is unexpectedly accessible, especially when self-driving. We've been on the road for six weeks and the support we got from Roadtrip Uganda was impeccable. Highly recommended!
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Nothing but praise for Roadtrip

Jos (Netherlands) - Private guided tour with accomodation

Car, driver, accommodation, permits, everything was organized down to the last detail. Driver was also very well informed about all the sights and gave us plenty of tips. Visited five lodges, each more beautiful than the other.
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