Kenya safari | Hire your car including a private driver

Are you looking for an adventurous 4x4 roadtrip in Kenya but do you feel unsure about driving? Then hire a car with a private driver! Our team at Roadtrip Africa works with well-trained and truly lovable driver-guides who know everything there is to know about Kenya.

Having a tour guide and driver all-in-1 is a great option for roadtrippers who want to remain in charge of their own holiday and itinerary, yet prefer someone else to do the driving. At the same time, being accompanied by a local driver-guide, means learning more about the local culture and wildlife in Kenya while you travel. All our drivers speak English and are experienced tour guides and bush mechanics. No stress, difficulties or long hours behind the wheel; your local driver is there to facilitate and ease your travels. 

Hiring a private driver in Kenya - what to expect

Your experienced driver-guide will get you to your destination safely and is responsible for keeping the car in good condition. Besides driving you to where you want to go, your private driver takes you on game drives in safari parks, knows the best restaurants to stop for lunch, and helps you find the best places to stock up on supplies. He can also help you fine-tune your itinerary along the way and recommend activities, nice campsites and lodges to stay at during your travels in Kenya. Yet, you remain in charge of your own holiday and itinerary. 

As our drivers are keen to share their knowledge about Kenya, feel free to ask them anything. You'll return home with a deeper understanding of the country and will have made a new friend along the way. 

All the drivers we work with are fluent in English. 

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Hiring a private driver in Kenya - what to expect

What are the costs to hire a private driver in Kenya?

The additional cost of hiring a driver-guide in Kenya is €40/day. All the proceeds go to the driver. The fee also covers your driver's meals and accommodation. You won't need to arrange extra accommodation, as all lodges have facilities available for driver-guides at a reduced rate.

Are you going camping? Then we'll supply your driver with camping gear. As there are no facilities to eat elsewhere inside the national parks, we appreciate that you factor in your driver when grocery shopping and cooking your meals together. Most drivers are pretty good bush cooks and will be able to help you start a campfire.

Additional costs for your driver are the national park entrance- & camp fees, varying from $5 - $15/day depending on the park or conservancy. Do also note that fuel remains at your own expense. Your Kenya rental car is delivered to you with a full tank, and should be filled up again when returned.

How can I rent a private driver in Kenya?

Are you eager to start your roadtrip adventure in Kenya? At Roadtrip Africa, we are happy to assist you with renting the vehicle and driver that suit your wishes. 

We own all our rental cars and never subcontract from third parties. Our fleet consists of Toyota Landcruisers - all reliable and widely used 4WD vehicles, and perfectly suitable for your adventurous Kenya roadtrip.

Ready to start driving in Kenya? Book your rental car and driver today!