Restricted ares for self-drive

Restricted areas

The area past Galana River towards Garsen, Mandera and all areas north to Wajir and Moyale are completely prohibited. The region borders Somalia and is unstable. Please see the restricted line projected on the map. 

car rental restricted areas Kenya


Areas for which a driver-guide is strongly recommended: 

Our hirers are now allowed to drive our vehicles in Northern Kenya. This is the entire area north of Mount Elgon – Lake Baringo – Samburu and Shaba National Reserve. 

It's also allowed to travel to the Northwestern parts of Turkana, Marsabit, and North Horr coming down to Maralal.

For both regions applies that we need to be informed beforehand and it requires our approval. We nevertheless do advise exploring these regions with a driver-guide from Roadtrip Africa, because the area is soo remote, and the local people don't speak English. We can arrange a  driver-guide who knows this area well. 

Masai Mara - driver is recommended - Self-drive is allowed, but we advise to explore the Mara with a driver-guide. The tracks are not marked, so you easily get lost. Alternatively, take a driver-guide for a safari into the park from the nearby lodges. These guides are experts on the Mara area and can provide a more rewarding experience than taking a ranger from the Mara. We have good experiences with Maji Moto Maasai Cultural Camp. If you take a local guide or ranger and not a driver from Roadtrip Kenya, you are the only person allowed to drive our vehicle. 

Kindly note the restricted areas are listed in our rental terms & conditions. Our vehicles have car trackers installed to monitor if a hirer breaches the contract, and you would be fully liable for any costs and loss of security bond.