Suggested routes in Madagascar

Suggested roadtrips

Madagascar is big! Some regions are very remote, road conditions and tracks change throughout the season and off-road driving can be challenging... If you have never been to Madagascar before, it's tricky to plan your route and estimate your travel time on the basis of Google Maps and Travel Books.

Instead, use one of our suggested routes as a starting point and read the Before You Travel page carefully. We have set out some really nice circuits, including the justifiably popular RN7 but also less-discovered areas of Madagascar, of which our 21+ day Grand Circuit is the most popular. Roadtrip Africa is happy to point you in the right direction as you prepare for your self-drive holiday in Madagascar. 

Suggested routes

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Follow a carefully designed route

Madagascar 23 days 2640 km

The Grand Circuit

Love the beach? Experienced in off-road driving? Then you can see it all! The interior highlands of Madagascar are distinctively Asian; the west coast is truly African. Visit remote Vezo fishing villages with colorful boats, pristine beaches, the bizarre limestones pinnacles of Tsingy de Bemaraha, the most beautiful lodges and only a handful of other travelers. This is righteously our most popular route.

Madagascar 12 days 1130 km

The Classic RN7

This classic one-way route will whisk you from Antananarivo down to Tuléar along the famed RN7, a smooth asphalt road. The sheer variety of national parks dotted along the RN7 is just incredible: rainforest at Ranamofana, mountains at Andringitra National Park and desert and canyons at Isalo. Finish off your roadtrip with a few days relaxing on the beach at Ifaty before you fly back to Antananarivo.

Madagascar 12 days 1365 km

The North

For those seeking a true off the beaten path experience - explore the North of Madagascar overland, instead of flying in an out of Nosy Be. Tantalising white beaches, excellent diving, snorkelling and kite surfing, canyons, baobabs and the red Tsingy - welcome to the natural wonders of North Madagascar. And you'll be lucky enough to have the road and all its sights to yourself.

Madagascar 9 days 850 km

The Baobab route

The west is the best region to see Madagascar's most striking landscape - the Tsingy limestone pinnacles. Clamber the well constructed steps, ladders, cables and bridges in the UNESCO protected Tsingy de Bemaraha National Park, marvel at giant baobab trees and finish off with some beach days along the beautiful west coast. Recommended as a one-way rental trip.

Madagascar 16 days 2230 km

RN7 Circuit

If you have the time and want to avoid spending money on expensive domestic flights, follow the RN7 Circuit. There are so many things to do along the way, that you can make your journey down south to the coast completely different from your drive north to Antananarivo. Explore the hidden gems of Madagascar like Andringitra National Park and Zombitse.

Madagascar 6 days 615 km

The Tropical Extension

The East is the most tropical part of Madagascar, famous for the Canal des Pangalanes. Created by the French in colonial times as the water highway of east Madagascar, it now boasts some fine lake resorts. Mahambo has beautiful beaches overhung by coconut palms and consistent surf spots. From here, take the ferry to bounty island Ile Sainte Marie, the best place for whale watching.

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