What to pack

Packing tips for your travel to Kenya

Take a look at our camping gear list to see whether it contains everything you want on your camping holiday in Kenya. A Swiss army knife, duct tape and aluminium foil are essential items for McGiver-style problem-solving during your trip. We've seen people bringing a light weight hammock, that looked pretty chill. We enjoy bush cooking a lot, so I always bring my Victorinox ( don't pack this in your hand luggage..) A Power bank comes in handy if you plan to camp a lot. A fleece blanket is nice for chilling on the grass or to cover up during the chillier nights. Definitely bring insect repellent and sun block, as there is less choice in Kenya. 

Nairobi and Mombasa, as well as Eldoret, Kisumu, Narok and Kericho have well -stocked supermarkets and pharmacies where you can buy all the essentials, in case you forget anything. Obviously, this is not the case in much smaller provincial towns.

Download your favourite Spotify songs, bring your smartphone with audio cable (mini-jack) and / or USB stick to listen to your roadtrip playlist. Download the Maps.me app for ease of navigation. 

What should I wear on my safari in Kenya?

There is no need to dress up in safari style khaki... Nevertheless, that type of outdoor fabric is quite nice when traveling through the hot, dry areas in Kenya. It's also appreciated if you keep your clothing a bit conservative; wearing hotpants or crop tops and showing a lot of skin is not a good look in rural Kenya! 

Take a sweater for the chillier nights.

Travel literature

Lonely Planet is a must-read when you are traveling to Kenya. Our rental cars come with a copy of the latest Lonely Planet travel guide.

Other travel books:

  • DK Eyewitness travel guide, a great informative book with lots of pictures
  • Mammals of East Africa
  • Birds of East Africa

Literature about Kenya, or by Kenyan writers:

  • Kuki Gallman - I Dreamed of Africa
  • Daphne Sheldrick - An African Love Story
  • Yvonne Adhiambo Owuo - Dust
  • Richard Crompton -The Honey Guide


English is widely spoken in all areas in Kenya. It is appreciated if you try to speak some Swahili.