Tips & Tanzania travel advice

Before you travel to Tanzania

Take a moment to browse through this page before you travel to Tanzania. It contains tips, important information and frequently asked questions related to self-drive and independent travel in Tanzania. Is the answer to your question not found here? Drop us a line, we are happy to help. 

Is Tanzania a safe self-drive destination?

We occasionally get that question. The answer is yes. Tanzania is known to be one of the safest and most stable countries of Sub-Saharan Africa. Armed attacks or any violence toward travelers is unheard of. Moreover, we would not want to be in the self drive business in a country where it is not safe. 

Nevertheless, we trust you to travel sensibly.That means the following precautions: 

  • always travel with cash, a charged phone with airtime, enough water and some food.
  • when you fuel up your car, know where the next gas station is.  
  • always park your car at a private parking lot.
  • do not go wild camping 
  • do not travel after dark (>6PM) and why would you anyway? Fellow road users often have no lights or put on their high beam lights so you don't see a thing. 
  • the biggest mistake travelers make is wanting to cover too much in one trip. Travel is a great deal slower than you are probably used to and being on the road is much more tiresome. Use one of our suggested routes as a starting point to asses if your plans are realistic.