Car rental Uganda with driver-guide

Hire a safari vehicle in Uganda with driver

Would you like to hire a car but feel unsure about a self-drive holiday? Our team works with a number of experienced and truly lovable driver-guides, who know the ‘Pearl of Africa’ from the inside out.

This option is great for roadtrippers who do not fancy driving themselves, want a more relaxed experience or want to learn more about the local culture and wildlife in Uganda. All our drivers speak English and are experienced tour guides and bush mechanics.

Renting a car with driver-guide on safari - what to expect

You can expect from your driver that he will get you to your destination safely and is responsible for the well-being of the car. He will also do game drives in the safari parks and he knows the best places to go for a lunch-break or stocking up supplies. He can also help you fine-tuning your itineary along the way and recommend nice campsites and lodges to stay on your travels in Uganda. Yet, you remain in charge of your own holiday and itineary. The driver-guide is there to facilitate and ease your travels. 

Our driver-guides are also keen to share their knowledge about Uganda, so ask him anything and you return home with a deeper understanding of Uganda, and a new friend.

All the drivers we work with are fluent in English. 

Drivers are extremely important for happy holidays - some reviews.

Driver-guides are extremely important for happy holidays. They have to be knowledgable, flexible, make you feel safe and in good hands, and nice company ( a good laugh and some sense of humor make the world a better place isn't, it). We consistently receive glowing reviews from roadtrippers who rented a car with our drivers. 

Annika, Germany, January 2023 - read the full review here. 

''We were two women traveling alone and rented a car and a driver guide in Uganda. The service provided by the office team was excellent. They were very responsive and supportive and also offer competitive prices. What made all the difference though was our driver guide Ivan. He explained so much, and we would never have understood what we were seeing without his insightful explanations. Ivan was very knowledgeable, friendly, and an excellent driver. His services were outstanding and he made us feel safe at all times''. 

Mirella, the Netherlands, August 2022 - read the full review here. 

'' In August 2022 we started our 2 week travel to Uganda. We rented a toyota Rav4 with a driver. Not knowing that this will be the best tour we had so far.

His name is Sympathy Aggrey. His name says it all. He is an outstanding tour guide, very charismatic and funny. His knowledge of nature, animals and native people is amazing. We got to know him as a trustworthy and very honest guy. He knew all about hotspots, where and what time to see what animal and also spots where not much tourism takes place and you get to enjoy the purity of Uganda. Any wish we had he would be right at it and organize. Genius guy. We felt very well taken care of and he actually became a good friend through this time.

We had a fantastic time with Sympathy and highly recommend traveling with him and roadtrip africa. We are already planning our next trip to Uganda soon. Thank you for making our trip so very special''. 

Delia, Spain, July, 2022 - read the full review here. 

''We booked a Landcruiser and a guide through Roadtrip Africa for a two week loop around Uganda. Our guide Kato was a truly wonderful person to travel the country with. He was energetic, friendly, knowledgeable, and his love for the country, its landscapes, and people came through in all of his stories. Although the roads throughout much of the country are not paved, I would think self-drive would have been fine too. We found a guide helpful and it took the burden of planning off of us.

We are not campers, the mid-range lodges we stayed in (mostly those recommended by Roadtrip) were wonderful. Okke from Roadtrip helped us create a trip within our budget, the whole trip was much less expensive than the packages we received from other companies.

Uganda exceeded our expectations on every front. The landscapes are breathtaking, the people are genuinely warm and friendly, the food was great, and we saw just about every animal we wished to see on safari. I would definitely recommend Uganda as a destination for those looking to safari in East Africa without as many of the crowds''. 

Below is driver-guide Godfrey

What does it costs to hire a driver-guide

The additional cost of hiring a driver-guide in Uganda are € 40 / day and all the proceeds go to the driver. This fee also covers his meals and accommodation. You don't need to arrange accomodation for him, as the lodges have facilities for the driver-guides where they can eat and sleep for a reduced rate. In case you go on a camping trip, we also supply your driver with camping gear. As there are no facilities to eat elsewhere inside the national parks, we ask that you provide food for your driver and cook your meals together. Most drivers are pretty good bush cooks and know how to start a camp fire.

When you travel into a national park with a driver, you have to pay their entrance fee of $2 - $5 / day, depending on the park.

Note that fuel remains your own expense. The car is delivered with a full tank and you return it with a full tank.

Doubting whether you should hire a driver for the game drives in the Ugandan Parks? Alternatively, you can always pick up a ranger- guide at the national park entrance gates, to help you spot the wild life better. This costs $ 20 and can simply be arranged at the park gate.