Entry requirements for Uganda

Are you travelling to Uganda soon? Find out what the current entry requirements are and start your trip prepared!

Do I need a visa to visit Uganda?

Yes, you need a tourist visa to enter Uganda. Applying for the visa can be done online, via this link.

We recommend applying at least 10 days before arrival due to slower visa processing times. Your Tourist Visa is valid for 3 months starting from the date of application.

You can choose one of the following options for your tourist visa:

  • Ordinary - a single entry tourist visa valid for 3 months. USD 50.
  • East Africa Tourist Visa - which you can use to cross to Kenya and Rwanda. USD 100. (apply for this visa in your arrival country)
  • Multiple Entry Visa - if you plan to be in and out of the country multiple times within 6 to 12 months.
  • Diplomatic & Official - if you want to give your visit a political twist.
  • Transit - if you are transiting but want to exit the airport. This is not necessary for people who are just changing flights.

You need to print your approved application and bring it with you upon arrival to Uganda.  

What are the required vaccinations for Uganda?

A Yellow Fever vaccination card is required for all persons travelling to Uganda from the age of 1 year and over. A yellow fever vaccine provides lifelong protection. If you reach the airport and can't show proof of vaccination, there is the possibility of obtaining the vaccine and card on the spot. This is a very expensive option though, so we advise you to get the vaccine before leaving your home country. 

Need more info? Contact your health practitioner for advice on recommended vaccinations and malaria prevention for your travels in Uganda.