Looking for a budget car to rent in Uganda?

Looking for an affordable and reliable car to rent on your travels in Uganda? The Toyota RAV4 is Uganda's most widely used 4x4 and the car to choose when looking for a reliable budget. Sporty, compact, and robust, as well as easy and economical to drive. The RAV4 is automatic and in permanent four-wheel drive. Fuel consumption is very low compared to the Landcruiser: around 10-12 km/liter.

Take note the RAVs are not geared for travel to Kidepo National Park and Karamajo. You can find details of the restricted areas here.

Read our specification sheet and know what to expect when renting a car from Roadtrip Africa. 

Toyota RAV4 Specifications

  • Model: Toyota RAV4.
  • Capacity for 5-door model: Four adults, or three adults when traveling with camp gear and luggage.
  • Capacity for 3-door model: Two adults, with or without camp gear and luggage.
  • Gearbox: Automatic.
  • Engine: 2.5-litre four-cylinder.
  • Tank capacity: 55 Litre.
  • Fuel: Petrol.
  • Fuel consumption: 10-12 km/L .
  • 4Wheel Drive: The RAV4 is in permanent all-wheel drive, so there is no option to switch 4WD on or off. 
  • Spare tyres: 1.
  • Tyre pressure: Depending on the number of people and load, 30 PSI in the front and 35 PSI in the back. You don’t need to do anything further with this. The tyre pressure comes well-adjusted.

The interior and tools

  • Pop-up roof: No.
  • Inverter: No.
  • Dual battery (for fridge)No (it's impossible to add a fridge).
  • Water tank: No.
  • A/C: Yes. Please note that we don’t do field repairs or send a replacement vehicle in the rare case there are problems with the A/C. Wiring and piping are sensitive and suffer from bumpy roads and dust. The knowledge and equipment to repair A/C's are sadly not available in the field.
  • Audio: Radio with small speakers, a USB, and an audio port. Bring your own audio cable (mini jack) to play music from your phone.
  • Booth: The booth is small. We advise you to pack your luggage in soft duffle bags as they pack easier than suitcases. Please pack extra light in order to fit your luggage comfortably.
  • Rooftop tent: No. You can only add a ground tent and camp gear. 
  • Extras: Bradt Travel Guide, roadmap, and practical information manual.

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Toyota RAV4 Specifications