The best time to visit Uganda

Need help with timing your visit to Uganda? Even though it's always summer in Uganda, it's helpful to know when the dry - and rainy seasons take place, what the best time is to spot gorillas, and when the peak season starts. We have gathered all you need to know and more, ensuring a well-prepared trip to Uganda. More questions? Feel free to get in touch with our team at Roadtrip Africa via our contact form!

What is the weather like in Uganda?

Uganda has a very pleasant climate. It does not get as hot and humid as the coastal regions of Kenya and Tanzania, and it never gets very cold either. The warmest regions in Uganda are located around Queen Elizabeth, Murchison Falls, and everything further north (Karamoja and Kidepo). If you can't stand the heat, we recommend you to avoid these places, particularly in January and February.

The cooler regions are located at higher altitudes - around Mount Elgon, Rwenzori Mountains and Lake Bunyonyi. Besides that, the chimpanzee and gorilla trekking locations, in Kibale Forest and Bwindi, are also typically known as the cooler regions of Uganda, where the forest provides a lot of shade. We recommend you bring a warm jumper or jacket when staying in these areas. 

What is the weather like in Uganda?

The best months to visit Uganda

Do you want to discover Uganda with fewer tourists? Then go in April - May or November. Due to fewer crowds, some lodges will offer low season rates. During these times you can expect more rainfall, particularly in Entebbe, Jinja, Sipi Falls, and the Southwestern part of Uganda. However, rain patterns are unpredictable and can come earlier or later than expected. Rains can be heavy, but are typically short, followed by bright sunshine. Take advantage of this time of the year to enjoy fifty shades of green, the scent of lovely flowers, and some good off-road driving in muddy patches. Sidenote: this is not a good time of the year to summit the peaks of Mount Elgon or the Rwenzori mountains. 

December to February are considered the warmest and driest months in Uganda. Vegetation in the savannah habitats of Kidepo, Murchison Falls, Queen Elizabeth, and Lake Mburo national parks becomes scarce and animals gather around water sources, making wildlife easier to spot. This is a good time of year to summit the Rwenzori mountains and Mount Elgon. 

What is the best time to go to Uganda for gorillas?

The habitat of rainforests is, by default, very wet and slightly cooler than in the rest of the country. Whether dry or wet season, it's very likely you'll encounter rain during your gorilla and chimpanzee trekking. Just make sure to bring water-resistant clothes, forget about looking cute, and enjoy the experience! 

When is high season in Uganda?

Tourists visit Uganda year-round. However, due to summer holidays around the world, it gets busier from December to January and from July to September. Although the parks won’t feel crowded whatsoever, you will have to reserve your roadtrip rental car, gorilla permits, and hotels several months in advance to avoid disappointment. 

When is high season in Uganda?