Camping in Madagascar: Everything you need to know

Go camping in Madagascar

You can hire a rooftop tent or a Quechua dome tent. Only the Nissan Double Cab can be equipped with a rooftop tent.  The costs are € 20 / per day for the rooftop tent or € 5 per person / per day for the dome tent. Both tents come with a full set of quality camp gear, consisting of: 

  • Inflatable mattress 
  • Blanket or sleeping bag with pillows and bedsheets
  • Table and chairs
  • Storage box
  • Gas tank & burner, BBQ roaster
  • Plastic cups, plates & bowls
  • Pots, frying pans, cutlery set with knife, can opener, corkscrew
  • Cutting board
  • Dishtowel, detergent, washing line & pegs
  • Solar table lamp (WakaWaka), with mobile phone charging capacity

TIP: bring your own head-light

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How to set up a rooftop tent 

Rooftop tents are quick and easy to set up. Just watch this instruction video, made by Roadtrippers Charlotte & Ries, who traveled the North of Madagascar.

Camping in Madagascar 

Whether you are on a budget, love the outdoors, or just don't want to have to book your accommodation ahead of time, road tripping with a full set of camping gear in the back of the car gives you a great sense of flexibility.

As opposed to our other roadtrip destinations, accommodation is really cheap in Madagascar. Nevertheless, camp gear does come in handy, in particular during peak season (July-Sept), when many of the lodges along the RN7 are fully booked. 

Keep in mind that camping possibilities are less widespread in Madagascar than compared to Uganda, Tanzania and Kenya - where Roadtrip Africa also has offices.There are lodges that have camp grounds along the RN7 where you can park your car and unfold your rooftop tent, but these possibilities are less along the west coast. If you plan to camp inside the National Parks, you need a ground tent, as you are not allowed to take your car into the National Parks. You park the car at the entrance gate and continue by foot. You can arrange a porter, and he carries your ground tent and equipment to the public campsite. Therefore, when renting a rooftop tent, we also supply an additional ground tent, free of charge. 

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Wild camping is possible in Madagascar. This can be a true off the beaten track adventure for some of you. You can branch off the main road, and look for a nice viewpoint. You can expect that the local community will be curious and like to make chit chat. Always be respectful and friendly to the local community, and make sure that you take all your rubbish with you and clean up the camp fire residues. 

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Camping on the beach in Madagascar, its just magical 

Campfire on the beach in Madagascar >> Roadtrip Africa

Good morning Madagascar 

Camping among the locals in Madagascar >> Roadtrip Africa