Responsible travel

You will not be the first roadtripper, moved by the fact that Madagascar and its people welcome you with open arms. Their borders are open for us, and we can enjoy their National Parks, eating fresh seafood, and staying in lovely lodges - all at a fraction of what it costs back home. It makes you think, what can I give back?

Below are a few initiatives which you can sponsor. These are local, sustainable initiatives that are well managed, of which we know your money is well spent. 

Some advise to take at heart

Do not hand out money, clothes, ball points, sweets or whatever to children. No matter how cute and poor they might be, it encourages begging and a distorted view of tourists. Instead show genuine interest and play and talk with these kids.

If you want to bring goods, your lodge owner is a good source of advice. They know how to distribute it best. We personally think it is better if you leave it up to them instead of playing Santa Claus and donating in person. Same applies for leaving stuff behind in your room. Better to give it to the lodge owner, than leave it for the maid to find, which might cause friction among the staff. 

Try to buy souvenirs and fruit and veggies at local markets and shops. If you go to the supermarket, try to buy products made in Madagascar. The chocolate, coffee and spices are a real treat. Eat at smaller, locally owned restaurants. 

Most lodges have a tipping box and distribute the tips equally among all the staff. If you enjoyed the service, just be generous and contribute to the tipping box. As for your driver or guide, tipping is highly appreciated.

Roadtrippers repairing a pitch in a local village.

Some advise to take at heart