Madagascar Driving Times & Distances Table

The biggest mistake travellers make is covering too much ground in one trip. Have a look at our suggested routes in Madagascar for a realistic assessment of what you can cover in a day, and closely study the road trip planner below.

Madagascar Road Trip Planner

The times provided in our table are realistic but approximate. Factors such as weather and changing road conditions can affect your actual travel duration. During the wet season ( January to March), the RN7 to Tulear, and the RN6 untill Ambanja are in a worse state. 

When using navigation apps like Google Maps or, add roughly one-third to the estimated travel time. 

Instead of planning the entire day's journey in one go, break it into segments. This precaution helps avoid following Google Maps' shortest route, which may lead you onto poorly maintained or nonexistent back roads, potentially increasing both travel time and the wear on your vehicle. In Madagascar, taking shortcuts is not possible!

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Madagascar Road Trip Planner