Visa and flights to & from Madagascar

Tourist visa and entry requirements Madagascar

We advise buying your tourist visa on arrival. There are some e-visa scam websites, and you might still have to pay an entry fee even though you already paid online. You can pay for your visa on arrival in Ariary, USD or Euro. Currently, the costs for a Madagascar tourist are 80.000 Ariary (€35) for 30 days, and 100.000 Ariary (€40) for 60 days. 

A Yellow Fever vaccination card is required for persons travelling to Madagascar from the age of 1 year and above when travelling from a country with a risk of Yellow Fever transmission. This does not apply to travellers who have been in transit. Find the list of countries with a risk of virus transmission here.

International flights from Europe to Madagascar

An increasing number of airlines have flights to Madagascar. Skyscanner and Google Flights are good websites to look for deals and book tickets. Herewith is an overview of the major routes:

  • Air Madagascar direct from Paris. You get a discount on onward domestic flights. 
  • Air France, direct from Paris  
  • KLM | Kenyan Airways via Nairobi 
  • Ethiopian Airways, via Addis Ababa 
  • Turkish Airlines, via Istanbul 
  • Air Mauritius, via Mauritius
  • Air Seychelles via Qatar and Seychelles
  • South African Airways via Jo'burg

International flights to Nosy Be 

South Africa Airways and Ethiopian operate direct flights to Nosy Be. There are also direct charter flights to Nosy Be from Italy and Poland. You can start your car rental from Ankify (the ferry point where the ferry coming from Nosy Be docks) for an additional fee, or free of charge from Diego Suarez. 

Domestic flights in Madagascar

There are domestic flights from Antananarivo to Nosy Be, Tulear, Diego Suarez and plenty of other destinations in Madagascar.

The only domestic airline in Madagascar is Madagascar Airlines. Unfortunately, from June 2024 onwards, it is no longer possible to book your own flights. This has to be done by an IATA travel agent. We cannot book these tickets for you, but we have the contact details of a reliable local travel agency that can help you with this. We're happy to share these contacts during the booking procedure.

Delays and cancellations can happen. Factor in a spare day in Ivato, so you don't run the risk of missing your international flight. 

Domestic flights in  Madagascar