National Parks of Madagascar

For those road trippers who have been on safari in Africa before, Madagascar is different. All National Parks are basically car-free. You leave your car behind at the park entrance gate and continue your ''safari '' by foot, accompanied by a guide. Most parks have hiking trails that suit all fitness levels and interests - from 2 hour walks to multiple-day hikes.

In this section, we discuss the park entrance fees and how to arrange your permits. To read about the most visited national parks in Madagascar and things to see and do, reference is made to our Madagascar Travel Blog.

How much are the park fees in Madagascar?

Visiting Madagascar's National Parks is affordable, charging much lower entrance fees than other National Parks in East Africa. For an overview of all the national parks and the costs per park, you can view the Madagascar National Parks website.

On average, you pay an entrance fee of 45.000 - 65.000 ariary/day/person, which is around €10 - €15. 

Guiding fees are regulated by the National Park Authorities. The fee depends on the number of hours spent in the park. Usually, it is around €15 for half a day up to €33 for a full day, for a group of up to four people. Porter fees are usually around €12. Enquire at the park gate. Tipping is polite and very much appreciated.


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How much are the park fees in Madagascar?

How to obtain your permits for Madagascars National Parks

When visiting the national parks of Madagascar, you don't need to plan anything ahead. You can just arrange and buy your permits on arrival at the gate. Payments made in cash- ariary only!