The 70 best hotels & lodges in Madagascar

Embarking on your road trip to Madagascar soon and not sure where to stay? To help you complete your itinerary, we have carefully curated a list of the - in our opinion - 100 best hotels and lodges in Madagascar. Ranging from budget-friendly to luxurious, this list is based on our personal experience and recommendations from fellow roadtrippers. Do you miss any great hotels or lodges on the list? Please let us know, we'd love to hear about them!

Accommodation in Madagascar | What you need to know

Accommodation is very cheap in Madagascar and - if you book mid - or high-range - of good quality. Note that breakfast is mostly not included in the room price and is charged separately. 

The hotels and lodges listed in this Madagascar Hotel Guide are categorized according to pricing based on a double room.

  • Budget - € is up to around €30 per room per night;
  • Mid-Range - €€ is up to around €60 per room per night;
  • Deluxe - €€€ is up to around €125 per room per night.

Are you looking for a campsite or budget guesthouse in Madagascar? We highly recommend using the free app iOverlander, where every campsite is plotted and reviewed. Public campsites inside the National Parks do not require any advance arrangements (most don't even offer the option to book in advance). You'll arrange your camping permit on arrival at the gate. If you are interested in wild camping in Madagascar, we advise you to read this blog.

Enough with the talking - here is the Ultimate Hotel Guide of Madagascar with a list of the 100 best hotels and lodges in Madagascar!

Antananarivo & Ivato | Hotel Tips

We kick off this list with accommodation in Ivato, which is where we advise you to start and end your Madagascar roadtrip. Ivato is located close to the international airport and to our office, from where you can rent a reliable 4x4 for the rest of your trip. We don't recommend having your car delivered to Antananarivo, the capital city of Madagascar, as it lacks street names and road signs, it's highly congested and has many one-way streets. 

Would you like to visit Antananarivo? Arrange a taxi from your hotel in Ivato and make a day trip, or spend the night and let a taxi take you back to Ivato from where you start your road trip. Please note that we do not offer car deliveries/drop-offs in Antananarivo.

Hotel tips in Ivato

There are plenty of hotels and guesthouses in Ivato as this is where the International Airport is located. We can deliver the car to your hotel (€10) and do the car handover on sight so that you can comfortably start off your road trip adventure from your hotel. Savanna Cafe is a nice spot for an evening dinner and drinks if you have a late flight to catch at the end of your trip.

Hotels tips Antananarivo

Sakamanga is the most funky hotel in Tana. Also a nice and lively place for having a drink. Le Manoir is based in an old, beautiful building in the city centre with lovely hosts. BG Tours Hotel has an inviting swimming pool, see picture below. 

Antananarivo & Ivato | Hotel Tips

RN7 - best places to stay when driving down the RN7 in Madagascar

There are plenty of accommodation options available along the RN7,  starting from Antananarivo down south to Tulear. We have listed our favourites below. 

If you are continuing your journey along the West Coast (Grand Circuit) with a pisteur, note that he joins you from Tulear or Ifaty. He cannot join you from St. Augustin or elsewhere, as there is no public transport available. 





Tulear & surroundings

Betsileo County Lodge is beautifully located near Anja Reserve with views on the Andringitra mountains. Besides rooms, they also have a designated sites for those who are travelling with a rooftop tent.

RN7 - best places to stay when driving down the RN7 in Madagascar

Western Madagascar | Hotel tips

Western Madagascar is wild and remote. Surprisingly, several nice beach hotels can be found along the West Coast route. Hotel Kanto in Manja might be the exception. However, it can be a great authentic experience to stay in a local guesthouse in a small and remote village. 

Salary Bay




Belo sur Mer

Unwind from your off-road adventure at Hotel Entremer's hammocks, sipping on a homemade Coco Rum punch and listening to the ocean waves.

Western Madagascar | Hotel tips

Tsingy de Bemaraha & Avenue de Baobabs | Hotel Tips

The Madagascar hotels and lodges listed below are covered in the Western Route. You'll start with the RN7 towards Antsirabe. From there, you take the RN34 and RN35 via Miandrivazo town to the lazy beach resort town of Morondava. Once in Morondava, you can visit the Avenue de Baobabs, Kirindy Reserve, Belo sur Mer, and the iconic Tsingy de Bemaraha. 



Kirindy Reserve

Tsingy de Bemaraha

Tsingy de Bemaraha & Avenue de Baobabs | Hotel Tips

Eastern Madagascar | Hotel tips

The hotels and guesthouses listed below are covered in our Tropical Extension itinerary of Madagascar. The RN2 links Antananarivo to the port city of Tamatave on the east coast. En route, make sure to include a visit to the tropical rainforest of Andasibe and include a stay at one of the river resorts at Canal de Pangalanes. The passenger ferry to Île Saint Marie departs from Mahambo, a small-scale beach town with a handful of basic and mid-range hotels. 



Canal des Pangalanes


Île Sainte Marie

The picture below shows the bungalows at Vakona Forest Lodge.

Eastern Madagascar | Hotel tips

Northern Madagascar - best places to stay

North Madagascar has everything unique to Madagascar from endemic wildlife like Lemurs and chameleons to rainforest, beautiful turquoise lagoons, beaches and the iconic Baobabs. The northern region is also home to Madagascar's famous cocoa plantations and the nice smelling ylang-ylang trees. Road conditions are good in Northern Madagascar, and you will hardly encounter other tourists. 

Have a look at our hotel recommendations for Northern Madagascar. There are several unique, small-scale and good value-for-money hotels to be explored. The first four towns - Maevatanana, Ankarafantsika, Antsohihy and Ambanja, are only visited if you travel overland, starting from our office in Ivato and driving north towards Ambanja/Ankify (the ferry point to Nosy Be). The rest of the places and towns are covered in our Northern Madagascar Beach Road Trip, a great 10-day travel itinerary starting from Diego Suarez.

Looking for the best places to stay in Nosy Be? We have a separate hotel guide for Nosy Be









Madiro Kitamby

Diego Suarez / Ramena

Emerald Sea

Tip: when you're in Ramena, make sure to try the seafood at Le Ch'ti Pres. It's definitely the best in the region!

Babaomby Island Lodge is located right next to the Emerald Sea.

Northern Madagascar - best places to stay

Nosy Be - Nosy Komba - Nosy Sakatia | Hotel tips

Nosy Be is the most developed tourist destination in Madagascar. Check our Nosy Be Travel Guide with tips and inspiration for a great beach holiday. 

Nosy Be consists of an archipelago of several smaller islands. If you're looking for a less-touristy island, consider island hopping to Nosy Komba and/ or Nosy Sakatia for a true Robin CrusoeI experience. The finest small-scale boutique hotels can be founds on these islands. 

Nosy Be 

Nosy Komba 

Nosy Sakatia 

Nosy Be - Nosy Komba - Nosy Sakatia | Hotel tips

Northeast Madagascar SAVA region | Hotel tips

With the newly restored RN5a, travelling Madagascar overland towards the stunning SAVA region (Sambava, Andapa, Vohemar, Antalaha) is now possible again. This breathtaking area is known as the Vanilla Coast.

Check our Undiscovered North East itinerary for a great 17-day Madagascar trip, starting from Diego Suarez.

Diana Region





At the picture is the lovely Akiba Lodge  

Northeast Madagascar SAVA region | Hotel tips