National Parks: costs and permits

National Parks of Madagascar

For those road trippers who have been on safari in Africa before, Madagascar is different. All National Parks are basically car free. You leave your car behind at the park entrance gate and continue your ''safari '' by foot, accompanied by a guide, whom you pick up at the entrance gate. Most parks have hiking trails that suit all fitness levels and interests - from 2 hour walks till multiple day hikes.

How much are the park fees in Madagascar? 

These are the National Park rates, as of 2018, per person / 24 hours: 

  • Isalo: € 18
  • Tsingy de Bemahara, Ranamofana, Montagne d'Ambre:  € 15
  • Andasibe, Andringitra, Kirindy: € 13
  • Guiding fees are regulated by the National Parks and depend on the number of hours. Usually it is around €15 for half a day up to € 33 for a full day, for a group up to four people. Part goes to the guide, how much differs per park. Enquire at the park entrance. Porter fees are €11. Tipping is polite and very much appreciated. 

Madagascar Highlights - Top 5 National Parks 

Lemurs, the strangest looking chameleons, avenues of baobabs, the Tsingy dry forest and an endless coastline - Madagascar is a biodiversity hotspot with a considerable amount of the world's animal and plant species only found here. Wherever you go on your road trip through Madagascar, there are unparalleled opportunities to experience nature. We highlighted the most visited parks. 

Isalo National Park 

Criss cross the bizarre sandstone rock formations, plateaus and palm-fringed oases of Isalo National Park There are all sorts of locally endemic Aloe Vera plants and many species of lemurs, under which the Sifaka, brown and ring-tailed lemur. With fine and dry weather year-round, this is Madagascar's most popular park. Isalo can be visited if you drive the RN7.

Andringitra Massif  

Andringitra National Park protects the area around Madagascar's second highest peak: Pic d'Imarivolanitra (2,658m), meaning ''close to the sky''. Andringitra has some wildlife, but the stunning landscape, vegetation and trekking are it's chief attractions. There' five circuits that you can do, ranging from a few hours to 3 days. Forget the Kilimanjaro with it's sheer crowd of tourists. With only around 1,000 visitors a year, this park is truly Madagascar's best-kept secret. Andringitra can be visited if you drive the RN7.

Lookout point Andringitra >> Roadtrip Africa in Madagascar

Andasibe Mantadia Rainforest  

Within easy reach from Antananarivo, Andasibe rainforest is the prime location to search for the Indri Indri. With it's surprised teddy-bear face it looks more like a gone-wrong panda than a lemur. If you don't see them ( 99% chance you will), you will for sure hear them. They make an eerie, wailing sound that carries for kilometres. It's really mind blowing to be a witness of this ritual. Check our blog about trekking the Indri Indri. 

Tsingy de Bemahara 

A UNESCO World Heritage Site and Madagascar's most striking landscape. Explore the Tsingy rock pinnacles, resembling a ''dry forest'',  through its phenomenal constructed steps, boardwalks, ladders, cables and suspension bridges. The Tsingy can be visited if you drive the Baobab Route or the Grand Circuit. Not possible to access between mid November to April. 

Montagne d'Ambre and Ankarana National Park

Experience a broad range of habitats at the most Northern tip of Madagascar, including montane rainforest, the red tsingy and limestone massifs - all within a stone's throw of the beautiful beaches and coastline of Antsirananana (Diego Suarez). Possible to explore if you drive the Northern Route