What to pack

Packing list when traveling to Madagascar

Our Roadtrip Madagascar rental cars have a cigarette lighter to power your devices, but you have to bring your own audio and USB cables. If you use Spotify, do not forget to download your favourite roadtrip songs so you can listen offline. We can't mention it enough, so here we go again - install Maps.me on your Smartphone and download the Madagascar maps before you travel, so you can drive on GPS. 

Furthermore, have a look at the camping gear list posted on this website to see whether it contains all you need. A Power Bank comes in handy if you will camp a lot. A fleece blanket is nice for chilling on the grass or to cover up during the chillier nights. Definitely bring insect repellent (best with DEET) and sun block, as this is also more expensive in Madagascar. The interior highlands are cooler in the evenings, so bring a fleece or jumper. Antananarivo has many well-stocked supermarkets and pharmacies where you can buy almost anything you might have forgotten. Obviously, this is not the case for the provincial towns in Madagascar. 

Roadtripping in northern Madagascar