Resonsible Travel Uganda

Travel Uganda responsibly

Thinking of donating to local projects, visiting a school or giving away goodies to the locals? Make sure you donate responsibly and be aware of the possible counter effects. 

Do not hand out money, clothes, pens, sweets, etc. to children. However cute and poor they may be, it encourages begging and a distorted view of foreign tourists. Instead, show genuine interest, play and talk with these kids as you would with children from your own country. If you want to bring goods to distribute in Uganda, please consult a local organisation how best to do this. Consider whether you can buy these goods in Uganda instead, to support the economy. The same applies for leaving stuff behind in your room: it's better to give it to the lodge owner than leave it for the maid to find, which might lead to friction among the staff. 

Most lodges have a tipping box and distribute tips equally among all the staff. If you enjoyed the service, just be generous and contribute to the tipping box. As for your driver, guide or ranger, tipping is highly appreciated.