Money & Costs

Is Uganda a cheap safari destination? 

Yes. Compared with other popular holiday destinations in East Africa (Rwanda, Tanzania, Kenya), Uganda is the most affordable safari destination. Prices are quoted in Ugandan Shillings and US Dollars. Below a brief overview of indication of costs in US Dollars, to help you budget for your holiday to Uganda.  

  • Petrol costs between $1 – $1.20 per liter
  • National park entrance fees: $40 /  24 hours per person. UGX 30,000  ($8) for your vehicle ( per entry, not per 24 hours). Camping permit UGX 20,000 ($6)   / person, per night.
  • A three-course meal at a lodge inside a national park costs around $12- $17.  
  • Accommodation prices are reasonable. There is a large mid-range segment, providing good value for money. Price range for a double room including breakfast is as follows:
    • Budget, including camping, is in the range of $10- $80
    • Mid-range $80-$175
    • Deluxe is >$175

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How to get money while being in Uganda 

Uganda is a cash economy. Most restaurants, budget lodges or campsites outside Kampala don't accept cards. However, ATMs are widely available across the country in all bigger provincial towns. Stanbic and Barclays are the most reliable banks, accepting MasterCard, Maestro and Visa. Bring additional cards, as the daily uptake with a foreign card is limited at ATMs in Uganda.

We recommend that you bring additional Euros or US Dollars with you in cash, for unforeseen circumstances. US Dollars and Euros can easily be changed to Ugandan shillings at any Forex Bureau in most provincial towns. Please be aware that USD notes printed in 2006 or earlier are not accepted in Uganda and denominations smaller than $50 are accepted at a lower rate. Some banks might still exchange old notes for you, but the exchange rates will be a lot lower.